Sunday, May 30, 2010

Love your body and your mind!


I have some exciting news. At least for me! But maybe for others that set little goals for themselves and when they reach them they feel great!

When I started my diet I was in a size 32 tightly. Today I went to the store and bought my first pair of baby phat jeans…at size 24!!! Yippee….I am extremely excited about that. The size that I would initially like to be is a 16-18. That way I can wear clothes in regular and plus –sized shops. I would love to incorporate both of the size fashions together and make some new looks. I am happy to day that I am finally beginning to truly see the hard work that I do is finally paying off. For me after being at the weight I was at for so long it is hard for It is hard me look at myself and see myself in any other light. Honestly, sometimes I feel like it will take years after I lose my desired weight to see myself without some type of body image dysmorphic. If you have never heard about this please read below it is a little info I found on Wikipedia.

Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) (previously known as Dysmorphophobia[1] is sometimes referred to as body dysmorphia or dysmorphic syndrome[2]) is a (psychological) Somatoform disorder in which the affected person is excessively concerned about and preoccupied by a perceived defect in his or her physical features (body image). Depending on the individual case, BDD may either be a somatoform disorder or part of an eating disorder or both: BDD always includes a debilitating or excessive fear of judgments by others, as is seen with social anxiety, social phobia and some OCD problems; or alternately may be a part of eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and compulsive overeating. Although the term "body dysmorphic disorder" itself describes only those excessive social acceptance fears that relate to one's personal body image. Depending on the individual it may or may not also be part of one of these wider or related syndromes.

The sufferer may complain of several specific features or a single feature, or a vague feature or general appearance, causing psychological distress that impairs occupational and/or social functioning, sometimes to the point of severe depression and anxiety, development of other anxiety disorders, social withdrawal or complete social isolation, and more.[3] It is estimated that 1–2% of the world's population meet all the diagnostic criteria for BDD (Psychological Medicine, vol 36, p 877


Common symptoms of BDD include:
Obsessive thoughts about (a) perceived appearance defect(s).

Obsessive and compulsive behaviors related to perceived appearance defect(s) (see section below).

Major depressive disorder symptoms.

Delusional thoughts and beliefs related to perceived appearance defect(s).

Social and family withdrawal, social phobia, loneliness and self-imposed social isolation.

Suicidal ideation.

Anxiety; possible panic attacks.

Chronic low self-esteem.

Feeling self-conscious in social environments; thinking that others notice and mock their perceived defect(s).

Strong feelings of shame.

Avoidant personality: avoiding leaving the home, or only leaving the home at certain times, for example, at night.

Dependent personality: dependence on others, such as a partner, friend or family.

Inability to work or an inability to focus at work due to preoccupation with appearance.

Decreased academic performance (problems maintaining grades, problems with school/college attendance).

Problems initiating and maintaining relationships (both intimate relationships and friendships).

Alcohol and/or drug abuse (often an attempt to self-medicate).

Repetitive behavior (such as constantly (and heavily) applying make-up; regularly checking appearance in mirrors; see section below for more associated behavior).

Seeing slightly varying image of self upon each instance of observing a mirror or reflective surface.

Note: any kind of body modification may change one's appearance. There are many types of body modification that do not include surgery/cosmetic surgery. Body modification (or related behavior) may seem compulsive, repetitive, or focused on one or more areas or features that the individual perceives to be defective

This can be a very trying and difficult mental disorder. If you have any of these issues or symptoms you need to speak to a professional. BDD can cause co-morbidity. Also remember that not all cases are severe as above. Some people will just always see themselves as fat even if they are not.

Please remember that your mind has to be sound and strong or the food additions will surface again.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Facebook Fan Page!!!!

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The foods I eat daily.

My weekly diet is very basic, and repetitive. This way of eating may not work for everyone but I seem to do better when I do it this way and stay on schedule.

On Sunday I prepare all my meals for the week. That helps me to not stray of my calories or eat things that are not needed. Preparing beforehand also always me to have everything ready daily before work.

That keeps me from not being tempted to order-out.

For breakfast I eat a low calorie yogurt. I never eat a yogurt with more than 100 calories. With my breakfast I eat a fruit, usually an apple. This total is 200 calories.

For lunch I thaw 10 boneless, skinless chicken breasts. I open up 2 cans of French style green beans, and 2 cans of mushrooms. Some weeks I use fresh veggies. I put all the food in a casserole dish with fresh garlic, onions, black pepper and a very little sea salt. I bake the food until the chicken is falling apart. Some weeks I but a buffalo wing sauce, one with low-calories and sodium and pour it over the chicken and throw it back in the oven for 15 minutes.

I then get 5 plastic containers and sort the food evenly for Monday-Friday.

My daily lunch consist of 2 Chicken breast and the veggie mix for a total of 350 calories.

Total so far for the day is 550 calories.

For dinner, I am a huge Subway fan. Even though I am not Jared or Shay I will promote Subway lol.

I usually get a Black forest ham salad. On the salad I get all the veggies and the red wine vinaigrette. I tell them NO CHEESE and NO CROUTONS. This salad is about 200 calories with the dressing.

I will eat a piece of chicken with the salad or a low calorie soup or sandwich.

The soup is usually a weight watchers progressive soup which is about 100 calories for the can.

The sandwich is usually a turkey breast meat, hummus, and red onion. I eat it on the low calorie bread, wheat and usually about 35 calories per slice. The sandwich total is about 200 calories.

Totals for the day are Soup/Salad (850) Salad/Sandwich (950)

If I workout I will have a snack with my dinner. My snack usually is sugar-free jello, low-fat/low-calorie cheese stick, an apple or a 25 calorie cream Popsicle.

On the weekend I stick to the weekly plan. I f I run out of food that I cooked during the week then I usually buy a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and break it down to 4-6 servings of meat and eat that with veggie for my Saturday and Sunday lunch and dinners. I stick with the fruit and yogurt for breakfast.

Friday, May 21, 2010

My diet plan.

Okay so I noticed there is a comment or two about how I lost it and how long has it been.

How I lost it...

1. Made a clear and conscience choice that I wanted to live past thirty which I was told I probably wouldn't.

2. Got some medical help from a local doctor which prescribed me an appetite suppresant, and also provided me with a healthy diet plan and exercise routine.

3. Followed the plan the best I could. This plan includes reducing your calories depending on your size. Cutting out the foods and drinks that make you crave other unhealthy foods.

4. Begin a very light workout. Then slowly and gradually began to increase my workout.

**when I return home from my mini vaycay. I will compile some weekly meals***

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thanks everyone for the wonderful and kind comments. I promise to answer all your questions.
Next blog: my diet plan
This is just a quick post to thank the new followers for joining and sharing. Sadly, my blog title was misplaced in error and I had to delete it. So, all t

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

After 80 lbs Picture

Christmas 2009 (380 lbs)
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Before Picture

Christmas 2008 (465 lbs.)
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Here is my story!

My name is Erin Velez, I am a 27 year old morbidly obese woman. As of today I weigh 345lbs. My highest recordable weight was 465lbs. I have lost 120lbs to date.
My weight loss attempts start as early as 10 years old. I remember being heavier than all my friends and family. I was in third grade and I had a spring musical concert. We were to dress up and I was so used to my over sized T-Shirts and sweats. My pride was shattered when I fit into my step mothers dress. After that my mother took me to my family doctor. He made several insults to me. He would tell me eat one plate not two and don't steal your sisters food. These were very hard words to hear at such a tender age. He then prescribed me Redux and if I can remember I was 12 years old. Taking that medicine made me sick and I gained weight with it. When I was 14 my grandmother surprised me with a trip to Camp Shane (Shame). I hated it there, it was pure torture. I lost an unhealthy 40 lbs. in three months. After coming home I was unable to keep up with their vigorous work-out I ended up gaining back all the weight as well as tons more. Entering 9th grade I was 300lbs. I maintained a weight between 300 and 330 lbs until I graduated. All possible by, not eating (which didn’t last long), cabbage soup diet, egg and meat diet, liquid diet, and weight watchers. During high school I got into a relationship. He too was obese, and we ate and ate. I got up to 360 within the next year.  I got up to 465 lbs. Then, with the help of a friend I started the Atkins diet and lost 100 lbs. After a year on Atkins I went off and gained it all back. I needed your help! I was afraid to fall asleep some nights not knowing if my heart will make it to the morning.

I decided that I had to start losing weight all over again, but this time in a healthy way. I reduced my calories and began to workout. My doctor prescribed me Adipex to suppress the hunger. The pill plus my new food eating and exercising habits have helped me lose the new 120lbs. I am still significantly overweight and I have to fight this battle for the rest of my life.
There has been some many things that I wanted to so but was too afraid because of my weight. I have always hoped to be able to the the basic things that people do in their everyday life. I am in the process of creating a list of "MUST DO's" Some of my goals are going to and finishing school. Start my own business. Traveling the world, starting a family and being able to run a marathon!. I want to maintain a healthy relationship with food. Be happy and know that when I fall asleep I will awake in the morning. I do not blame anyone else for my weight. I know when I hit the fridge what I am doing to myself. Now Im taking a stand and putting my foot down and making a choice that will impact the rest of my life. I hope that my story can help you relate!