Monday, May 24, 2010

The foods I eat daily.

My weekly diet is very basic, and repetitive. This way of eating may not work for everyone but I seem to do better when I do it this way and stay on schedule.

On Sunday I prepare all my meals for the week. That helps me to not stray of my calories or eat things that are not needed. Preparing beforehand also always me to have everything ready daily before work.

That keeps me from not being tempted to order-out.

For breakfast I eat a low calorie yogurt. I never eat a yogurt with more than 100 calories. With my breakfast I eat a fruit, usually an apple. This total is 200 calories.

For lunch I thaw 10 boneless, skinless chicken breasts. I open up 2 cans of French style green beans, and 2 cans of mushrooms. Some weeks I use fresh veggies. I put all the food in a casserole dish with fresh garlic, onions, black pepper and a very little sea salt. I bake the food until the chicken is falling apart. Some weeks I but a buffalo wing sauce, one with low-calories and sodium and pour it over the chicken and throw it back in the oven for 15 minutes.

I then get 5 plastic containers and sort the food evenly for Monday-Friday.

My daily lunch consist of 2 Chicken breast and the veggie mix for a total of 350 calories.

Total so far for the day is 550 calories.

For dinner, I am a huge Subway fan. Even though I am not Jared or Shay I will promote Subway lol.

I usually get a Black forest ham salad. On the salad I get all the veggies and the red wine vinaigrette. I tell them NO CHEESE and NO CROUTONS. This salad is about 200 calories with the dressing.

I will eat a piece of chicken with the salad or a low calorie soup or sandwich.

The soup is usually a weight watchers progressive soup which is about 100 calories for the can.

The sandwich is usually a turkey breast meat, hummus, and red onion. I eat it on the low calorie bread, wheat and usually about 35 calories per slice. The sandwich total is about 200 calories.

Totals for the day are Soup/Salad (850) Salad/Sandwich (950)

If I workout I will have a snack with my dinner. My snack usually is sugar-free jello, low-fat/low-calorie cheese stick, an apple or a 25 calorie cream Popsicle.

On the weekend I stick to the weekly plan. I f I run out of food that I cooked during the week then I usually buy a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and break it down to 4-6 servings of meat and eat that with veggie for my Saturday and Sunday lunch and dinners. I stick with the fruit and yogurt for breakfast.


  1. Yikes this seems like nowhere near enough calories!

  2. Well according to my doctor 1,000 is all i need. People assume you need a lot more. If you eat three balanced meals and exercise you will be fine. My intake is to reduce to lose and I'm losing at a slow steady pace.

  3. i would be starving! Do you get hungry? I currently eat 1800 calories a day and workout 5 times a week (300 calories per workout). I am down 26 lbs in 4 and a half months. I am probably losing a lot slower than you though. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

  4. Well I can't argue with the doctor. Good luck!


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