Thursday, June 17, 2010


Sometimes you don’t see the changes you have made in life until someone unexpected points them out to you. Even these silliest changes are still changes. After a year and odd months of starting my new weight loss journey I am finally starting to recognize changes. I would like to share some of these changes. Some too many may seem trivial but to me they are feats worth sharing. For some, these changes may excite and motivate. =)

Change One: Clothes

When I started in January 2009 I was in a very tight 30/32 in most major plus-sized clothing stores. For those that might not be aware that is the biggest sized available at SOME of the plus-sized stores. My bra size was a 48 DDD, My ring size was a 9 and my shoe size was an 11 W.

Now in June 2010 I am in a comfortable 22/24. Which I can gladly say is not the largest size in the store. I am even wearing 2X clothing at Old Navy. My bra-sized dropped down to a 44 D. My ring size is now a 6 and my shoe size is a 10.

These changes have allowed for me to give a friend of mine 2 bags of clothes and shoes 2 months ago. As of last week, I bagged up an additional 2 bags that I will also donate.

Physical Capabilities:

Stairs Before: I was terrified of the stairs and I would do anything, including bribing to avoid them by any means possible. I was afraid of falling down them, making other people wait for me or being out of breathe.

Stairs After: I know make at least 3-4 flights of spiral stairs on a daily basis. I am not out of breath and I am not falling down them. =)

Chairs Before: Chairs and booths were my enemy! :X I hated the idea of going somewhere and not knowing the type of furniture, how supportive, if there were tables available, are the booths roomy? I would ask my friends to ask for a table before we would even walk in. I couldn’t fit in my chair at work and had to make an excuse so they can provide me with one without arms.

Chairs After: I do not think about the seats anymore. Well except airplane seats because it has been 7 years so I am not sure. I seat in booths at restaurants all the time. I can even do the movie theater sets without raising the arm. I have this huge chair in the living room. When I used to sit in it I was hanging out of it. My belling was bulging out of it. Now I sit in the chair with a pillow at my side and my legs crossed. =) Now I have the same desk chair as the other employees at my job.

Stares Before: They were ridiculous. People stared at me like I was some circus freak. It wasn’t even stares for the majority it was gawking. They were making comments. It was very uncomfortable and made me want to stay at home and hide underneath a rock.

Stares Now: I honestly don’t pay attention. I am not sure if it because my self-esteem has boosted, or that people don’t look at me like the 465lbs lady. I love that I feel confident when I go out and about.

Food Before: I would eat everything and anything I wanted or desired. I would do whatever it took to fulfill my cravings and food obsessions. I lived to eat. I had each day pre-planned and if I wanted something else I would get that as well. I would over indulge, make myself sick and regret eating the food I ate, but anticipate doing it all over again when I would awake.

Food After: I pre-plan my food but it is to save time and make sure they meet the health requirements I have set for myself. I know what I am eating, make better food choices and look forward to trying new and exciting healthy food options. When I have craving and desires for something specific I try to fine or create healthy alternatives.

Those are some of the triumphs I have completed thus far…..

Stay tuned for my next blog.




  1. You have had an amazing journey so far.. and only greater things to look forward to. :-) Every time I read your blogs, it truly makes me think about making some changes for myself. You are definitely an inspiration Erin. Keep it up, you have so much to be proud of. :-)

  2. You are amazing! Keep it up!

  3. Thanks ladies. It means a lot that people are reading, but most importantly that I am inspiring,


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