Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Here is my story! (Posted again so it's on front page)

Here is my story!

My name is Erin Velez, I am a 27 year old morbidly obese woman. As of today I weigh 345lbs. My highest recordable weight was 465lbs. I have lost 120lbs to date.

My weight loss attempts start as early as 10 years old. I remember being heavier than all my friends and family. I was in third grade and I had a spring musical concert. We were to dress up and I was so used to my over sized T-Shirts and sweats. My pride was shattered when I fit into my step mothers dress. After that my mother took me to my family doctor. He made several insults to me. He would tell me eat one plate not two and don't steal your sisters food. These were very hard words to hear at such a tender age. He then prescribed me Redux and if I can remember I was 12 years old. Taking that medicine made me sick and I gained weight with it. When I was 14 my grandmother surprised me with a trip to Camp Shane (Shame). I hated it there, it was pure torture. I lost an unhealthy 40 lbs. in three months. After coming home I was unable to keep up with their vigorous work-out I ended up gaining back all the weight as well as tons more. Entering 9th grade I was 300lbs. I maintained a weight between 300 and 330 lbs until I graduated. All possible by, not eating (which didn’t last long), cabbage soup diet, egg and meat diet, liquid diet, and weight watchers. During high school I got into a relationship. He too was obese, and we ate and ate. I got up to 360 within the next year. I got up to 465 lbs. Then, with the help of a friend I started the Atkins diet and lost 100 lbs. After a year on Atkins I went off and gained it all back. I needed your help! I was afraid to fall asleep some nights not knowing if my heart will make it to the morning.

I decided that I had to start losing weight all over again, but this time in a healthy way. I reduced my calories and began to workout. My doctor prescribed me Adipex to suppress the hunger. The pill plus my new food eating and exercising habits have helped me lose the new 120lbs. I am still significantly overweight and I have to fight this battle for the rest of my life.

There has been some many things that I wanted to so but was too afraid because of my weight. I have always hoped to be able to the the basic things that people do in their everyday life. I am in the process of creating a list of "MUST DO's" Some of my goals are going to and finishing school. Start my own business. Traveling the world, starting a family and being able to run a marathon!. I want to maintain a healthy relationship with food. Be happy and know that when I fall asleep I will awake in the morning. I do not blame anyone else for my weight. I know when I hit the fridge what I am doing to myself. Now Im taking a stand and putting my foot down and making a choice that will impact the rest of my life. I hope that my story can help you relate!

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