Thursday, June 3, 2010

Inspired from my boy Alfred Sanchez

I was reading one of Alfred's blog and it got me thinking about somethings....

For the longest time, I used that I did not want to lose weight because I seen what it did to other's bodies and I preferred to have my body full than with saggy skin. When I look back on this thought I had it makes me disgusted and ashamed. Why did I think it was okay to feel that way? Was it just me making an excuse for letting myself go?

For years I thought it was ok to have huge rolls surrounding my body and encasing my heart it fat. I said that if I lost weight then I would have to get the skin removal surgery and that leaves scars and scars are ugly so...I don't want to lose moronic?

So I wrote this on his blog and it is amazing how my mind and thought process has changed for the better. I want to live and enjoy life and the way I was living was not healthy, not enjoyable and pathetic!

Man, I am going and thinking the same things, especially about the skin...It's like no matter how hard we work to fix our blunder we will either have the excess skin or surgery scars to remind us everyday that we are flawed or that we are survivors....we have to make the conscience decision to think of it as the glass is half full....instead of empty. Maybe we can wait awhile after our weight loss and there might be a cheap and less scar procedure??? I like this comment...I might post this as a mini

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