Monday, December 27, 2010

Words of encouragment from Shay Sorrells from The Biggest Loser

Sadly, I fell ove the bandwagon...not it a drastic way but in a way that is disappointing. I turned to Shay because she is my role model. Before she arrived on campus we were almost identical in weight. I knew after wathcing the show if she could do it so could I.

My post and her reply:
Erin VelezShay Sorrells

Hey Shay,

argh! I fel off the bandwagon, gain some weight and seem to have lost my motivation. I am in need of some inspiration or advice. I kno you are a busy lady but please help me out....I am afraid I am on a slippery slope :x

Shay Sorrells girl. I can say this 2 ways… GET IT TOGETHER … but if thats not your style then.. Erin you have come way to far to go back. Remember how bad it felt to be that way? the only thing holding you back is fear. fear of success or failure, either way its nothing but fear. Yes its hard but what do you know thats easy means much? Come on.. "STAND UP AND FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED"- bob :)
Erin Velez
GET IT TOGETHER is what I would tell someone else in my situation so that works just fine for me! Thanks so much. It is very helpful to have someone who has been there and doing it to give me those words of encouragement. I went to Jamaica ...and it was like all hell broke loose. I need to get it together because it a matter of a month 20lbs came right back on :( I DO NOT want to go back to the way I was but I see how easy it ...after sending you the post I went online and signed up for a Saturday Kettleball class at my gym. My 10 year class reunion is this year and I really want to hit my goal of a size 16/18 in New York & Co. Thanks so much mama
If I get a reply I will keep you guys updated!

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